Now Accepting Bids

The Olympia School District is currently accepting bids to provide materials and/or services for its Wide Area Fiber Network. Please views the RFP materials here:




Is there an Addendum A?

No, there is no Addendum A. We encourage respondents to provide a design or designs that they feel best meet the geographic attributes of the Olympia School District. 

Can there be a 1 week extension?

Yes, we have granted a 1 week extension, pushing the due date for the RFP to 12/3/2018.


The Olympia School District believes that technology supports and enhances teaching and learning for all students and that the successful integration of technology resources will reduce the achievement gap and develop 21st century skills.


Contact Information:

Olympia School District
1113 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA 98501
Voice: (360) 596-6172
Fax: (360) 596-6171


Technology Operations

Marc Elliott: Chief Information Officer • 596-6177
Scott Baker: Operational Technology Manager • 596-6186
Dave Baird: Network Systems Administrator • 596-6175
Sue Shivnen: Help Desk Technician • 596-6172
Doug Bogden: Help Desk Technician • 596-6172
Dave Eilers: Data Systems Development Specialist
Sam LoganData Systems Development Specialist
Huda Abbasi: Repair/Network Technician
Doug Riddels: Computer Systems Administrator
Bret Taylor: Wireless & Mobile Devices
Marjorie Jenne: Administrative Assistant • 596-6178

Instructional Technology

Sharyn Merrigan: Instructional Technology Specialist
Bob O'Donnell: Instructional Technology Specialist


Field Technicians

Ben Schneider
Shawn Cruz
Billy Knight
Monique Farland
Tony Philippsen